HORSHAM, PA - The Technical Committee of the Philadelphia Society for Coatings Technology Inc. (PSCT) is sponsoring its Spring Symposium, “Advances in Coating Appearance: Color, Gloss, Texture and General Aesthetics.” The symposium will take place April 3, 2012, at The Williamson in Horsham, PA. 

Speakers include: Bob Hertel and Andreas Stummer, BYK Gardner, Tools to Measure Surface Quality; Kurt Beale, BASF, Innovative Effect Technologies and Substrates; Adrien Lapeyre, Arkema, Orgasol®: Multipurpose Ultrafine Polyamide Particles for Surface Modification; Paul Doll, Dow Chemical, Full Performance Low Odor Interior Paints; Stuart Lipskin, BYK USA, The Pursuit for the Perfect Coatings Finish; Mark Piggott, Arkema Coatings Resins/Cray Valley, Rheology Modifiers for Non Aqueous Coatings; Wei Liu, EMD Chemicals, “Blue Effects” – How to Create Optical and Texture Effects with Interference Pigments in a Blue Color; and Joey Ruiz, Rhodia, Novel Specialty Paint Additives Aid in Performance of Waterborne Formulations

For additional information, visit www.psct.org or contact Dr. Loyd Burcham, Stonhard Inc., at lburcham@stonhard.com.