HAUPPAUGE, NY – Joe Martorana, Vice President of Corporate Operations for Charles Ross & Son Co., announced the relocation of Ross Process Equipment (RPE) into a new plant in Pune, India, tripling the size of its previous facility. A fast-growing company, RPE manufactures many Ross product lines including tumble blenders, ribbon blenders, planetary mixers, multi-shaft mixers, high-speed dispersers and high-shear mixers, as well as pressure vessels, tanks and other fabricated equipment.

Fully supported by U.S.-based Ross engineers, RPE designs and builds Ross equipment based on standardized technology and quality-control measures. Ross operates five other manufacturing facilities in the United States and two in China. The company’s newest venture, RPE opened in 2007 to serve the process industries in India and neighboring Asian countries. The booming market in this region has driven the rapid expansion of RPE.