LONDON- IRL’s fourth edition of its report A Profile of the Middle Eastern and African Paint Industries indicates that Qatar and Saudi Arabia offer growth opportunities. This volume updates the information given in the 2009 edition. It brings up-to-date figures from Saudi Arabia and the UAE, which IRL reported on in autumn 2008 before the global economic crisis, taking into account the economic impact of the “Arab Spring.” 

The main scope of this study is decorative paints. However, for some country markets an overview of the protective, general and wood-coatings markets is also provided. 

The research for this study has taken the form of an extensive interview program with senior executives from the paint and coatings industry in the 18 countries that are studied. Interviews were conducted in English, French and Arabic and were carried out between October and December 2011. In addition, a thorough review of published data and statistics was also undertaken. 

Some of the key findings include: 

South Africa experienced a significant downturn in 2009-2010, and it is still recovering. The paint market has moved in favor of low- to medium-quality paints. 

After a period of massive GDP growth, Saudi Arabia is now experiencing moderate growth, thanks to the current high oil prices and the construction of the new economic cities. 

After being badly hit by the recession, the construction industry in the United Arab Emirates is now moving forward but at slower pace compared to the past. 

Paint market growth will be particularly high in Qatar thanks to large-scale infrastructure projects and the advent of the 2022 Football World Cup Finals. 

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