OLDENBURG, Germany - BASF’s Coatings Division has invested one million euros in the construction of a new Application Center in Oldenburg, Germany. The company has now officially opened the center as part of a customer event. The center not only strengthens the Oldenburg site, but also strengthens BASF’s global business in industrial coatings. The new center, which includes a spray booth for large objects, several work rooms, and a training and presentation room, will be used for applications in the wind energy sector, as well as for marine and aircraft coatings and a whole array of applications in diverse industrial segments. 

“We are increasingly gearing our business in coatings for wind energy to a global market. At the new Application Center, we are able to simulate the various painting conditions of our customers worldwide and optimize our products accordingly,” explained Dr. Achim Gast, head of Post-Coatings at BASF. A wide range of climate conditions can be simulated. “We also shorten the coordination process when there are product modifications,” stated Lübbo Röttgers, Coordinator of the Application Center. “This allows us to continuously improve our product quality.” 

As an additional benefit, BASF’s paint experts will train their customers at the new center. In the future, in Oldenburg, they will practice how to apply BASF products efficiently and in a high-quality manner.