DUSSELDORF, Germany - British company Rexam plc, the world’s largest beverage can manufacturer, has awarded Henkel its prestigious Supplier of the Year award. The honor was conferred on Henkel by Rexam BCE&A (Beverage Can Europe & Asia) in recognition of Henkel’s contributions, including its latest product innovations, and the savings achieved in Rexam’s overall production process.

Producing 60 billion beverage cans per year, Rexam is not only the global market leader in this segment but also one of the biggest food packaging manufacturers. Last year, Henkel introduced its newest generation of etch degreasers, Ridoline 740-E, to Rexam. Another Henkel innovation used by the British customer is the metal pretreatment product Alodine 444.

Supplier of the Year is the top award that the Rexam division presents to its suppliers. Henkel managers Aziz Mabrouki and Mark Sowerby received the award from Rexam’s Chief Executive Graham Chipchase at a ceremony near London.

Rexam BCNA (Beverage Can North America) has also awarded Henkel with a trophy in the Best Cost category for its implementation of new technologies that have enabled cost reductions in beverage can manufacturing lines. The award was presented to Henkel in Chicago, IL, for the introduction last year of the new cleaner technology Ridoline 243, which resulted in a tremendous reduction in hydrofluoric acid usage in the production process.