Evonik TEGO is highlighting two products at Booth #2000, and is giving two Product Presentations at the ACS this year.

TEGO® Dispers 688 is a new polymeric wetting and dispersing additive that has been developed specifically for optimal wetting and stabilization of matting agent surfaces. TEGO Dispers 688 enables the formulator to significantly lower the viscosity of the matte formulation. The yield point of such formulations is also lowered, and thixotropic effects reduced. This results in good matting and problem-free application. Lowering the yield point positively affects the flow and degassing of the coating film. This additive is highly effective on the most diverse matting agents in UV formulations based on all the common types of oligomers.

TEGO Twin 4100 is the newest substrate wetting and anti-cratering additive based on the company’s unique multifunctional surfactant chemistry for waterborne and solventborne paints, varnishes and printing inks. TEGO Twin 4100 improves wetting and flow, and lowers tension at minimal dosages. Its structure reduces foam generation even in highly dynamic processes and applications. Despite its high effectiveness, this 100%-active-matter product is highly compatible in problematic binder systems and retains its high activity long term.

Evonik TEGO’s first Product Presentation was given this morning by Don Ricks, Technical Service Chemist. Ricks discussed TEGO Twin 4100 during his presentation. The second presentation will be held Wednesday at 11:20 a.m. Brian Casey, Technical Service Chemist, will be discussing TEGO Dispers 688.