The Bühler Nanotechnology Booth #323 is focused entirely on Oxylink™. Oxylink is a functional performance additive for waterborne coatings, paints and binders. The additive contains tailored nanoparticles, which effectively strengthen the polymer by targeted chemical interaction. The use of Oxylink leads to a sustainable improvement of waterborne coating systems, e.g. the resistance against chemicals or humidity is significantly increased.

At the same time, Oxylink increases the productivity of the coating process as it increases the blocking resistance and shortens the drying time without changing the open time. Gloss, adhesion or mechanical properties of the coatings are not negatively affected.

Since the last American Coatings Show, Buhler has greatly expanded its range of resin systems. Starting-point formulations are now available for PUDs and alkyd emulsions in addition to acrylic latex systems, where the company has gone into new applications such as elastomeric roof, metal, concrete and plastic coatings.

Buhler is also presenting a paper at the American Coatings Congress this morning at 11:30 a.m. on improving the water resistance of waterborne coatings using Oxylink.