LEVERKUSEN, Germany – At this year’s American Coatings Show, specialty chemicals group LANXESS presented material protection products as well as organic and inorganic pigments that fulfill the most exacting of requirements.

“U.S. manufacturers of paints, varnishes and coating materials make up a commercially important customer segment. The American Coatings Show offers an ideal platform for presenting our comprehensive range of products and services. This includes advanced preservation and coloration solutions for varnishes, paints, plasters, mortars and general building applications,” said Roland Flindt, Head of the Inorganic Pigments business unit (IPG) in North America.

The environmentally safe iron and chrome oxide pigments in IPG’s established Bayferrox and Colortherm product ranges are lightfast, weather-stable and highly resistant to chemicals. The current range of synthetic iron oxide pigments comprises more than 100 shades produced from the basic hues black, red, brown, green and yellow.

Yellow pigments comprise nearly 30 percent of the worldwide market for synthetic iron oxide pigments. LANXESS offers tailored yellow pigments throughout the world for almost any application. These high-performance specialties include such products as Bayferrox 943, which has a distinctive orangey hue, and the yellow low-silking pigment Bayferrox 915 with its unique particle morphology. The yellow iron oxide pigment Bayferrox 912 LOM, which is manufactured in Porto Feliz, Brazil, is now for sale worldwide. The pigment was launched in the North and South American markets a few years ago. Thanks to its special product properties, it has proven effective in coatings applications, primarily for the production of pigment pastes. Bayferrox 912 LOM is a micronized yellow pigment with very good dispersibility. The pigment’s short, needle-like structure results in an outstandingly low viscosity.

The LANXESS Material Protection Products business unit used the trade show to present the fungicides Sporgard and Azotech for the first time. These products were added to the established LANXESS biocide range following its acquisition of the material protection business of Swiss manufacturer Syngenta in 2011. Both products feature combinations of active ingredients that exhibit a superior toxicological profile, making them ideal as indoor solutions. They offer lasting protection against fungal attack and mold.

LANXESS also featured Preventol A 6 Preservative, a highly efficient dry-film preservative for protecting outdoor paints and plasters against algae infestation, and Preventol D 7, a proven in-can preservative for waterborne coating systems. U.S. market approval for both products is expected shortly.

The Functional Chemicals business unit presented seven new Levanyl and Levanox grades that make it possible to obtain brilliant hues with excellent lightfastness. These pigment preparations based on high-performance organic and inorganic pigments have excellent lightfastness and weather resistance, making them ideal for outdoor use. These inorganic dispersions are specially treated to prevent heavy pigment particles from forming a compact sediment if they settle. This means they can be completely homogenized again simply by stirring, even after prolonged storage.