As manufacturers face increasing regulatory and consumer-driven requirements, the need for both innovative and cost-effective technologies is more critical than ever to formulating architectural paints and industrial coatings. Univar’s coatings experts are available at Booth 2649 to showcase the company’s total solution approach to helping formulators and manufacturers improve the performance, efficiency and value of their paint and coatings formulations.

“As the leading chemical distributor in the U.S., we play an important role in providing our customers with easy access to all the chemistries and services they need, and the expertise to apply them, to meet the latest trends and regulations impacting our industry,” said Chris Ernst, Senior Industry Director, Univar Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants and Elastomers. “We work closely with both formulators and manufacturers to help create the next-generation of low-VOC and environmentally responsible paints and high-performance coatings that will continue to define our industry in the future.”

The theme for Univar’s presence at the 2016 ACS is “Powering Your Performance,” and the team is highlighting the company’s robust capabilities in helping formulators address three major industry trends:

1. Low-VOC Formulations –Continued regulatory pressures to formulate coatings with lower levels of VOCs create a number of challenges for formulators in maintaining equal or higher performance when using alternative solvents. With a complete portfolio of resins, pigments, solvents, fillers and additives, Univar offers many formulation options including VOC-free solvents and other products, such as:

  • RHOPLEX™ resins from Dow Advanced Materials;
  • ACRYSOL™ additives from Dow Coating Materials;
  • Optifilm™ Enhancer 400 additive from Eastman;
  • Kraton™ MD1653 resins from Kraton Polymers.


2. Isocyanate-Free Formulations – Formulators are increasingly looking for the ability to deliver polyurethane performance in specific applications without the hazards associated with handling isocyanate. These formulations are used specifically in elastomers for flexible coatings, mastics and sealants; protective wood and automotive aftermarket coatings; and commercial concrete, wood floors and DTM. For these applications, Univar is highlighting the use of:

  • VORASIL™ elastomers from Dow Chemical;
  • PARALOID™ EDGE resins from Dow Coating Materials;
  • Resimene™ CE-7103 resins from Ineos Melamines;


3. Waterproofing–Univar offers a variety of innovative technologies to help improve waterproofing in building and construction coatings. From specialty additives for use in waterproofing in current formulations to new water-based acrylic technologies and silicone elastomer emulsion polymers, Univar also provides insights and solutions for improving water resistance with epoxy formulations and solvent-applied lower-VOC synthetic rubber applications with:

  • Dow Corning™ 87 and 88 additives;
  • CENTURION™ acrylic emulsion from Dow Construction Chemical;
  • DER™ epoxy resins from Olin Corporation;
  • Kraton G polymers for low-VOC formulations from Kraton Polymers;
  • Dow Corning® IE-2610 silicone elastomer emulsion.

“With a broad portfolio of innovative technologies and basic chemicals from the world’s leading producers, together with our extensive global network, local service capabilities, and deep industry expertise, Univar is in a unique position to help customers solve virtually any challenge in formulating paints and coatings that meet the latest trends and regulations,” added Ernst.