NOIDA, India - According to a new report by market research firm RNCOS, the U.S. nanotechnology market is rapidly emerging with significant R&D activities on products at their initial phase. The most prominent fields of nanotechnology include nanobio, nanomaterials, surfaces, electronics, and IT and instrumentation. Nanomaterial is the most lucrative and marketable segment in the United States. California and Massachusetts, with their well-established nanotechnology communities, are the leading states. The 2012 National Nanotechnology Initiative budget has proposed an investment worth around $2.13 billion in nanotechnology.

Over the past few years, the global nanotechnology market has been experiencing significant growth, which has created many new opportunities. The United States and Europe are likely to remain the major geographic markets for the nanotechnology industry until 2014. However, the Asia-Pacific region’s share in the nanotechnology market is expected to grow substantially. With increasing usage of nanotechnology in various applications, the global nanotechnology market is projected to reach $26 billion by the end of 2014, growing at a CAGR of around 20 percent since 2011.

The 165-page report provides a detailed analysis of the current status and expected position of the nanotechnology industry in various countries such as the United States, UK, China, India and more. It also facilitates future forecasts on the use of nanotechnology in various segments such as electronics, cosmetics and biomedicine during 2011-2014. It also provides an analysis of the nanotechnology market with respect to major applications and by R&D funding. Research on recent trends in the industry and a global patent analysis are also provided.

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