ESSEN, Germany - Evonik Industries’ comprehensive reference book for all those training, studying and working in the field of coatings and printing inks, “The Little TEGO,” is now available as a free app in the iTunes Store and Android Market. The app allows direct implementation of the handbook’s sophisticated formulas; users simply enter the relevant values to obtain the correct solution.

Julia Kaufhold, from Market Communication BL Coating Additives, emphasizes that, “With this electronic version, TEGO has taken into account suggestions from customers and once again offers them an innovative service.”

For more than 25 years, Evonik has provided customers in the coatings and printing inks industry with a unique range of products under the TEGO brand name. The range includes wetting and dispersing additives, defoamers and deaerators, flow and leveling additives, substrate wetting additives, energy-curable additives, rheological additives, and hydrophobing agents as well as specialty resins, co-binders and nanoresins. The print version of The Little TEGO was launched successfully over a year ago at the European Coatings Show. The mobile version contains an integrated collection of formulas that enable almost instantaneous calculation of important parameters and data such as pigment volume concentration, rotational speed conversion, amount of curing agent required and much more. Diagrams and tables on viscosity behavior provide an insight into rheology, and detailed photos show common defects during the manufacture and application of coatings. Health and safety instructions round off the information.