SPOKANE, WA – The Sansin Corp., Ontario, Canada, announced that the Miller Paint Co. store in Spokane, WA, will carry the full line of Sansin exterior stains for siding, decks and log homes, as well as Sansin’s Purity® interior stains and the Eco-Tone™color system.

Store Manager Jeff Hyndman says Spokane’s extreme four-season climate means homeowners are looking for a product that offers durable, long-lasting protection. “Our customers are most concerned about the quality of a stain product. They are tired of having to reapply stain over and over,” said Hyndman. “Sansin’s waterborne formula means it is easy to apply and clean up, which saves time in the long run. Plus, homeowners know it’s safe to use around their families since it doesn’t have the harsh chemicals found in most stains.”

This is the fourth Miller Paint store in the Pacific Northwest to carry Sansin’s line of low-VOC stains.