STEWART-NEWBURGH, NY - A three-day comprehensive short course on the chemistry, physics and mechanics of adhesion science is scheduled November 14-16, 2012, at the Courtyard by Marriott, Stewart-Newburgh, NY, about 50 miles north of New York City. Further details are available on the conference website at

A comprehensive course on adhesion science, this class is directed toward engineers, technical staff and management personnel who need to have a basic understanding of the multifarious aspects of adhesion phenomena and how they affect a wide range of practical and applied situations such as the adhesion and durability of thin films and coatings, the performance of adhesive joints, medical and dental restorations, functioning and behavior of micro and nano structures (MEMS and NEMS), wetting and lubrication of surfaces, particle and contaminant adhesion, and the thermal-mechanical stability of laminate structures.

Dr. Kash Mittal and Dr. Robert Lacombe, who have more than 20 years experience each in this field in both academic and industrial settings, will teach the course. Mittal, former Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology since 1987, has edited over 100 books dealing with all aspects of adhesion science and related topics. Lacombe brings 20 years of experience dealing with adhesion issues in the microelectronics industry and will cover such key topics as the fracture mechanics aspects of coating delamination and adhesive joint failure, the atomic and molecular aspects of the fundamental interactions that give rise to adhesion forces, and the universal problem of measuring adhesion. He has written a comprehensive handbook and reference work entitled “Adhesion Measurement Methods: Theory and Practice,” which will be part of the course handouts.