NEW ORLEANS - The Waterborne Symposium is offering three two-day short courses that focus on the principles of formulation of waterborne coatings.

“Reformulating to Waterborne Coatings” provides an introduction to the technology of waterborne coatings with an emphasis on the challenges encountered when converting existing solvent-borne coating systems to water. The course is designed for coating chemists and formulators and for persons interested in new applications for waterborne coatings.

“Advances in Polymeric Materials for Protective, Decorative, and Functional Films” is designed to provide an update on major topics for surface coatings in polymer synthesis, structure property relationships, and functionalized surfaces methods and results. It will define the most recent performance limits for major surface coatings areas; summarize the current status for predictive performance and service life models; and summarize current and future methods for corrosion control, high throughput methodologies, specialty techniques for thin film characterization, thin film permeability and gas transmission, functional film applications, and toughening of polymer films. The course provides 13 lectures in two days delivered by 10 speakers.

“Physical Principles of Formulation” addresses the physical principles of formulation with respect to polymers and macromolecules, surfactants, dispersions, and emulsions.

Due to the 2013 Superbowl being held in New Orleans, day one of the short courses will be held at the University of Southern Mississippi campus in the School of Polymers and High Performance Materials Building. Day two will be held at the destination event: 555 Canal St., New Orleans. For more information, visit