ANTWERP, Belgium - Global minerals provider Sibelco, Antwerp, Belgium, has completed the acquisition of Viaton Industries Limited, a UK-based specialist in mineral fillers for use in chemicals and coatings.

From its plant in Derbyshire, Viaton specializes in the manufacture of natural barium sulphate and hydrated magnesium silicate powders. It also provides contract processing services, specializing in particle size reduction, classifying, blending, and mixing.

The deal supports Sibelco’s expansion in core markets such as coatings. The Viaton plant will immediately become a fully integrated part of Sibelco’s UK operations.

Sibelco supplies advanced industrial minerals for a diverse range of industries including glass, ceramics, paint and coatings, construction and engineering, metallurgy and casting, oil and gas recovery, and environmental protection. Founded in 1872, Sibelco operates over 200 production sites in 41 countries with a team of around 10,000 people.