W. CONSHOHOCKEN, PA – ASTM International has been accredited by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC). With 1,400 members in Canada and 180 ASTM standards referenced in Canadian federal legislation, SCC accreditation further strengthens ASTM’s presence in Canada.

Located in Ottawa, Ontario, SCC carries out a variety of functions to ensure the effective and coordinated operation of standardization in Canada. Accreditation signifies that ASTM meets all of the requirements for consensus standards development set by SCC. These requirements mirror the principles of the World Trade Organization: transparency, openness, consensus and relevance. SCC’s audit was conducted on November 6-8, 2012, at ASTM headquarters.

“ASTM International already enjoys a significant footprint in Canada with regard to ASTM membership, its leadership, meetings and the application of ASTM standards, including ASTM standards referenced in Canadian federal regulations,” said James A. Thomas, ASTM President. “This distinction serves to further confirm the international value of ASTM’s robust process of consensus standards development. By achieving SCC accreditation, Canadian industry and government can utilize the ASTM process with even greater confidence.”

Canada is well represented in the ASTM landscape. ASTM has benefited from Canadian participation on its board of directors, including the chairmanship, as well as among its technical committees. ASTM has held an array of standards development meetings, as well policy meetings, in Canada, in particular a biannual meeting of the ASTM Board of Directors in Toronto in 2005.

In tandem with SCC’s accreditation, ASTM has established a physical presence in Canada. Located in Ottawa, the new ASTM International Canada Office is being led by Diane Thompson, an internationally recognized consultant specializing in standardization and trade. As Director of the new office, Thompson will work with SCC and assist with outreach opportunities with industry and government agencies.