KIRCHHEIM, Germany − Pigment specialist Heubach and ink manufacturer hubergroup have joined forces in a strategic partnership for water-based inks. The collaboration brings together the experience of both partners.

As part of the collaboration, Heubach, which has been manufacturing pigments for over 200 years, is producing water-based pigment preparations developed jointly with hubergroup. The pigment preparations offer color strength and gloss and outstanding shock stability. Ink specialist hubergroup, with its extensive know-how in ink development, combines these basic concentrates with other components to form a new water-based flexo printing ink system that meets modern requirements of the packaging industry for a range of applications.

The result is the new HYDRO-X GA/MGA product range, a modular user system for the production of packaging inks. hubergroup is offering the new HYDRO-X system in two versions: GA for GMP-compliant production and the premium variant MGA, with maximum reliability in terms of migration, for packaging that comes into indirect contact with food.