Worlée-Chemie GmbH is showcasing innovative developments during the European Coatings Show at Stand 7-533. The range of additives includes catalysts for cobalt-free drying of alkyd resins. Two new secondary emulsions complete the range of acrylic polyols for two-component topcoats with high gloss and good adhesion. Worlée is also introducing an OH-containing polyester with high chemical resistance and elasticity, even at low temperatures.

New specialities are two acrylic dispersions for effective thermo insulation spray-applied coatings. The whole system is shown at the booth. In addition to these acrylates, the company is presenting two new resins for DMEA-free metallic printing inks. The alkyds include another fast-drying low-VOC resin for vehicle and machinery lacquers, and an acrylic-modified alkyd emulsion for decorative paints with high gloss and good flow.

New pigment pastes being showcased are based on solvent-free binder resins and are made for low-VOC wood care systems and decorative lacquers.

Following is more detailed information on some of the products being featured:

  • WorléeAdd VP 2500 is a cobalt-free catalyst for the support of oxidative drying of alkyd lacquers. It offers fast surface drying, better through drying and long storage stability. (Low-VOC version is WorléeAdd VP 2520.)
  • WorléeAdd VP 2600 is a metal-free catalyst supporting the oxidative drying of cobalt-free alkyd lacquers. (Low-VOC version is WorléeAdd 2610.)
  • WorléeAdd VP 2700 is a cobalt-free catalyst for oxidative drying of water-thinnable alkyd lacquers. It offers fast surface drying, better through drying and long storage stability.
  • WorléeCryl VP A 2441 W is a water-emulsified hydroxyacrylate for the production of isocyanate crosslinked outdoor-resistant two-component topcoats that exhibit long pot life, high gloss and good adhesion properties. The secondary emulsion is free from butyl glycol and DMEA.
  • WorléeCryl VP A 1241 W is a pure acrylic polymer developed for two-component furniture and wood lacquers.
  • WorléeCryl CH-X-2158 and WorléeCryl CH-X-2159 are new aqueous acrylic binders for thermal insulating coating systems based on WorléeShield formulation technology. The binders allow easy incorporation of insulating fillers such as Aerogels. The resulting formulations have low thermal conductivity and can be spray-applied very efficiently. Principal uses include safe-touch or anti-condensate coatings or as easy-to-apply energy saving systems.
  • WorléeCryl VP 8046 is a DMEA-free acrylic polymer solution for metallic printing inks with excellent metallic gloss and high pigment stability.
  • WorléeCryl VP 8232 DMEA-free styrene acrylate dispersion is made for metallic printing inks with extraordinary metallic gloss and high pigment stability.
  • WorléeKyd VP SD 5001 75% xylene is a fast-drying, medium-oil, low-VOC alkyd for the production of high-quality air- and heat-drying industrial coatings, agricultural equipment, tractors, and car-repair coatings.
  • WorléeKyd VP S 7700 100% is a low-viscous, air-drying, long-oil alkyd for the production of low-VOC decorative and house paints. The components of this alkyd come completely from renewable sources.
  • WorléeSol VP NW 531 is an acrylic-modified aqueous alkyd resin for the formulation of waterborne, brushable topcoats. It shows a very high gloss, excellent levelling and resistance properties.
  • WorléePol VP 6778 is an OH-containing polyester resin for the formulation of two-component topcoats with excellent chemical resistance and very good flexibility, even at lower temperature.
  •  WorléePaste SF-AK series is based on solvent-free binders. They are used for coloring low-VOC, low-viscosity and excellent-penetration coatings for eco-friendly wood stains, wood care oils and parquet oils. The pastes are available in red, yellow and black. In addition, the company can also offer water- and solvent-based series for industrial coatings, wood stains, wood care and decorative coatings.