PHILADELPHIA - Carsten Reinhardt, Professor of the history of science at Bielefeld University, Germany, will become President and CEO of the Chemical Heritage Foundation (CHF), effective August 1, 2013. He will succeed Thomas R. Tritton, who is retiring.

Reinhardt has extensively researched and published on the impact of chemistry on society through topics including the history of industrial research, the emergence of instrumentation, and chemistry’s links to physics, biology, medicine, and technology. 

Reinhardt joined the faculty of Bielefeld University in 2007. In 2006–2007, he held a fellowship at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin. Prior to that, he spent a decade as a professor at the University of Regensburg.

The author of three books, Reinhardt has contributed to five edited volumes and published nearly 40 academic articles. He has made more than 30 major presentations on topics in history of science in a dozen countries in Europe and North America. In addition, he has received many awards and fellowships, including being named a fellow at the Max Planck Institute and a visiting professor (professeur invité) in the Department of Philosophy, École Normale Supérieure, Paris. Reinhardt was an Edelstein Fellow at CHF in 1998–99. He was also an Edelstein Fellow at Hebrew University in Jerusalem in 1994.

The Chemical Heritage Foundation is a collections-based nonprofit organization that preserves the history and heritage of chemistry, chemical engineering, and related sciences and technologies. The collections are used to create a body of original scholarship that illuminates chemistry’s role in shaping society.