BRUSSELS - Allnex signed an agreement to acquire Bayer MaterialScience’s non-waterborne Radiation Curing resins business, marketed under the Desmolux® brand and representing a specialized portfolio of radiation curing oligomers suitable for higher performance uses. The deal is expected to close in the second half of 2013.

The Desmolux product portfolio includes non-waterborne radiation curing acrylated resins and radiation curing unsaturated polyesters in acrylated diluents. The acquisition of the Desmolux product portfolio will complement Allnex’s leading position in EBECRYL® UV/EB radiation curing products and will enable Allnex to further enhance its technology leadership as it continues to address future customer needs. Moreover, with this acquisition Allnex will increase its presence in new applications, develop new markets for Radcure and globalize the Desmolux business.