CARY, NC - Arkema Inc. and Andes Chemical Corp. have announced a strategic alliance that includes distribution of a wide range of specialty chemicals for paints and coatings throughout the Caribbean, Central America and portions of South America. Andes Chemical will represent a product portfolio that includes Arkema’s acrylic monomers, binders from Arkema Coating Resins, a business unit of Arkema Inc., and additives from Arkema subsidiary Coatex.

Products to be distributed by Andes Chemical from the Arkema Coating Resins portfolio include: Encor® acrylic, styrene acrylic and vinyl acrylic latexes; SNAP® nano-acrylic polymers; Neocar® vinyl versatate modified latexes; Synaqua® alkyd and alkyd emulsion binders; Celocor® opaque polymers; Encor® Flex elastomeric binders; and Chempol® polyester, alkyd and acrylic polymers.

Represented products from the Coatex portfolio include a robust portfolio of rheology additives for waterborne formulations including: Coapur™ polyurethane (HEUR) rheology modifiers; Rheotech™, Thixol™ and Viscoatex™ ranges of acrylic-based (ASE & HASE) rheology modifiers; and the Coadis™ and Ecodis™ portfolios of polyacrylate dispersant technologies.

Products to be distributed by Andes Chemical from the Arkema Acrylics portfolio include: Norsocryl® glacial acrylic acid, Norsocryl butyl acrylate, Norsocryl ethyl acrylate, Norsocryl 2-ethyl hexyl acrylate and Norsocryl methyl acrylate.