Rex-Cut Abrasives, Fall River, MA, is introducing an expanded line of cotton-fiber finishing sticks for deburring and finishing precision cast or machined parts with tough-to-access areas.

Rex-Cut® cotton-fiber finishing sticks are made from reinforced nonwoven cotton fiber with either aluminum oxide or silicon carbide abrasives that are pressed and bonded together into different profile shapes and sizes.

Now offered in a new half-round shape and as full-rounds and squares to match openings and hole details, they are ideal for removing exit burrs in difficult-to-reach internal spaces and will not change a part’s geometry.

Suitable for use by hand or in reciprocal rotary tools, the finishing sticks are available in 1/8” to 1” diameter round and square sizes in 4” to 6” lengths, with 24 to 320 grain sizes, and soft, medium, and hard bonds. Applications include deburring, edge-breaking, and finishing precision cast and machined parts, molds, tools, and dies.