StatRez™ static-control flooring systems are designed to protect areas requiring static dissipative or conductive flooring. The static-control properties of StatRez prevent electrostatic damage to products and equipment, limit the ability of personnel to build up a charge, and quickly remove a charge from a person or equipment.

StatRez is commonly used in military/aerospace/aircraft service areas, electronics manufacturing and assembly areas, solvent storage rooms, packaging lines, processing areas, clean rooms, pharmaceutical industries. and hazardous industries (dust or explosion hazards). It is more durable than ESD tile and is not dependent on relative humidity.

Three systems are available, offering a range of static dissipative and conductive protection. The StatRez PC 350/350C system is a versatile, two-coat 100-percent solids epoxy system commonly used in electronics and packaging lines. The StatRez PC 225/225C system is a three-coat, UV-stable polyurethane system with excellent chemical and abrasion resistance. It’s commonly used in aircraft hangars. The StatRez PC 925/925C system is a two-coat epoxy novaloc system designed for areas requiring extreme chemical resistance or complete protection from acids. It’s commonly used in solvent storage areas.