Alberdingk Boley Inc. is featuring four brand new products: AC 3630, U 9900, U 7800 and LUX 220.

AC 3630 is a self-crosslinking emulsion suitable for high-performance wood coatings. It has excellent in-can clarity and wood warming characteristics. Other features include excellent scratch resistance, outstanding block resistance, fast drying, and high chemical and stain resistance. It has good compatibility with polyurethanes and can be easily formulated for industrial furniture (clear and pigmented) coatings.

U 9900 is a solvent free, self-crosslinking polyester-based polyurethane dispersion that offers high-quality performance for wood applications. It has high surface hardness and very good chemical resistance, and is also for pigmented formulations. It is also recommended for two-pack wood floor coatings (crosslinked with aziridine) with excellent performance that meets MFMA specifications.

U 7800 is a solvent-free, self-crosslinking polyester-based polyurethane dispersion. It is recommended for low-VOC (100 g/L) two-pack flooring applications. Its features include very good chemical resistance, outstanding abrasion resistance and good wood warming properties.

LUX 220 is a versatile, solvent-free, UV-curable polyurethane dispersion recommended for high-quality wood and PVC coatings, clears and pigmented. It has outstanding chemical and scratch resistance and a very high film hardness prior to UV cure. Its excellent cure response produces films with high crosslinking densities.

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