A new line of chrome-free, water-based diffusion coatings from CeralUSA, LSR-H20 coatings offer environmentally friendly alternatives to legacy, chrome-containing diffusion coatings. Both LSR-H20 and the LSR solvent-based coatings produce a highly effective layer protecting nickel and cobalt substrates from corrosion, erosion and sulfidation at temperatures up to 1835 °F (1000 °C.); they do so without using chemicals targeted by EPA or REACH restrictions. 

LSR-H2O has been developed to accommodate those customers who prefer working with water-based slurries. Final properties of the as-diffused coating meet or exceed the performance of legacy coatings such as Sermaloy J and CeralUSA’s own Ceral 10. LSR-H2O is currently available as an aluminum-only slurry (LSR-H2O Aloy) or with an aluminum silicon addition (LSR-H2O Sialoy). Other variants are under development.

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