WALTHAM, MA – Sustainable materials company Novomer Inc. has appointed Reschem Italia S.p.A., a leading Italian distributor of specialty chemicals, as its authorized distributor of Converge® polypropylene carbonate (PPC) polyols in Italy.

Reschem Italia will distribute commercial quantities of Novomer’s new 1000 and 2000 molecular weight Converge PPC polyols for use in polyurethane formulations targeted at adhesives, coatings, sealants, elastomers, and rigid and flexible foams. The distribution agreement represents Novomer’s initial commercial entry into Reschem's markets.

In response to strong interest for its new Converge polyols, Novomer is lining up distribution agreements that will accelerate the commercial adoption of its materials. Novomer recently announced the commercial introduction of Converge PPC polyols, which are designed to replace conventional petroleum-based polyether, polyester and polycarbonate polyols.

With a broad product portfolio and extensive knowledge in polyurethanes, Reschem Italia will provide all support services including technical marketing, account management, application development, customer service, warehousing and logistics.

Converge polyols are based on the co-polymerization of carbon dioxide (CO2) and epoxides, and the resulting products contain more than 40% by weight CO2. The use of waste CO2 as a significant raw material yields a product with an extremely low carbon footprint. In addition, since waste CO2 is significantly lower in cost than conventional petroleum-based raw materials, Converge polyol manufacturing costs are favorable compared to conventional polyols when produced at full commercial scale.