The Encore® PE manual powder coating system from Nordson Corp. is designed for rugged, everyday use. The system is durable, easy to use and service, and offers superior transfer efficiency. It also provides superior overall coating performance for producing the highest quality finished products at an affordable price. It incorporates the Encore PE manual spray gun, which offers an ergonomic design and has better maneuverability to reach into part cavities and go around and between densely racked parts.

The spray gun has a weight/balance combination at less than 711g. The Encore PE pump delivers up to 30% more powder at comparable compressed-air settings compared to its predecessor. The system’s 100,000 kV voltage multiplier delivers first-pass transfer efficiency. A positively retained deflector and locking pattern adjustment sleeve provides consistent, repeatable spray performance. Electrode air wash keeps the gun-charging electrode clean, and specially engineered materials for powder contact maximize spray performance and wear life. The systems is completely field repairable, and offers a robust handle, trigger and cable design.

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