CARLSBAD, CA - 3E Company, a provider of environmental health and safety (EH&S) compliance and information management services, and Locus Technologies, a provider of cloud-based environmental compliance and EH&S management software, announced a strategic collaboration.

The alliance brings together 3E's substance-level global regulatory content and product-level safety data sheet data and Locus's compliance and EH&S software platform. The combined offering provides companies with a comprehensive, efficient, and affordable solution set for hazardous communication and workplace safety that can reduce risk and help streamline conformance with EH&S regulations.

The collaboration highlights both companies' respective strengths. These assets include 3E's unique ability to research, source, aggregate, enrich, and maintain EH&S compliance-related data and information and make it available in a customer-specific and easy-to-use format and Locus's proven capability to build and maintain flexible, user-friendly software systems. Integrating 3E's critical data with Locus's software enables joint customers to manage EH&S management and compliance obligations within a comprehensive cloud platform.