HAMBURG, Germany — KRÜSS GmbH, a leader in the field of contact angle measurement, and LINSEIS, experts in thermal analysis, have established a new cooperative venture. With immediate effect, the two family-owned companies will be following a common path in the field of high-temperature contact angle measurement.

High-temperature contact angle measurements are of interest, for example, in energy recovery with mineral fuels, for investigating slag for blast furnaces or in the production of robust enamel coatings. With such coatings in particular, synergies can be utilized by combining the contact angle method and dilatometry. Wetting between carrier material and coating is just as important for stability as the thermal expansion of the different phases.

The companies will concentrate on marketing the Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA High Temperature (for analysis at up to 1550 °C, 1700 °C or 2000 °C). The instrument, which is also capable of measuring thermal expansion and deformation, provides everything needed for accurate wetting analysis at high temperatures with the help of the contact angle.

As a result of the collaboration, LINSEIS will benefit from KRÜSS’ expertise and market knowledge in the field of wetting analysis, while KRÜSS will be able to call upon LINSEIS’ knowledge of high-temperature analyses and extend its market presence to new industrial and research fields.