WILMINGTON, DE - DuPont Titanium Technologies, part of DuPont’s Performance Chemicals segment, announced that it remains on track to complete the planned expansion of its existing high-efficiency, low-cost titanium dioxide (TiO2) facility in Altamira, Mexico, in 2015, and begin production at the plant in 2016. The new plant will enable DuPont Titanium Technologies to improve the efficiency of its TiO2 production and increase its ability to adjust its production output up or down in response to global demands.

Annual global TiO2 market growth tracks global GDP, requiring about 150,000 to 200,000 metric tons of additional product to serve the marketplace each year. “Based on our current market outlook, we expect demand to increase gradually in the 2016-2018 time frame. DuPont Titanium Technologies will leverage the cost advantage of its Altamira facility at start-up in 2016 and continue to manage its production assets in order to remain well-positioned to deliver high-quality titanium dioxide to meet the ever changing needs of our customers,” said BC Chong, President DuPont Titanium Technologies.