It is no secret that colors play a role in our mental wellbeing. Colors will impact the way we think, feel and behave. More importantly, the colors in a space are imperative to the overall atmosphere of a room.

There are countless ways to utilize color in your living space, from paint, to furniture, to accessories and lighting. See how you can improve your mood and your home with the use of your favorite hues.

black color pallate



You should have black in your home because it is associated with sophistication and elegance, which is why black is the most popular color for luxury vehicles. Black also has strong connotations with mystery, which makes it the perfect conversation starter at a party or gathering when it is displayed in your home.

Black is often seen as too intimidating for a wall color, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid it in your home. Easy ways to bring black into your home are with wrought iron furniture or accent pieces, such as bed frames and lamp posts.

Chalkboard paint is also a fairly commitment-free way to incorporate black into your home. It is the perfect low-budget, low-maintenance kitchen backsplash and can be used to write grocery lists, decorate for the holidays and parties you host for only the price of the chalk of your choosing. It can also serve as an accent wall in a family room or your creative kids’ rooms. This will give them a bigger canvas to expand their creativity.

Five years ago, black tile would have given most people flashbacks of moldy 1970s bathrooms and cavernous fast food restaurant kitchens, but it is back in a big way for 2018. Black tiling with white grout is one of today’s biggest bathroom trends.

Leather or suede furniture is a timeless way to bring black into your home in a sophisticated, functional manner. Sectional sofas like these are a way to guarantee that your living room furniture will be loved and used daily by your family members and guests for years to come.


blue color pallate



You should incorporate blue into your home because it is the color of both peace and tranquility. This will help your home become your escape from the stress of life when you get home from work and want to unwind.

Blue is also a safe color bet for any room if you’re selling your home because it is the most universally liked color. It will also help potential buyers feel relaxed in what could become their next home because they will feel the same sense of tranquility.

If you’re hesitant to commit to a blue wall color in any of your home’s bedrooms, you can bring blue elements into a room to calming effect with blue bedding, accent pieces, upholstery or curtains.


brown color pallate



Every homeowner should incorporate brown into their home. It is one of the easiest colors to bring into a room because there are shades of brown with warm and cool undertones, but brown “warms” a room and is not as harsh or industrial feeling as black. Its earthy tones inspire a sense of trust and unity in a room, making it ideal for living rooms, kitchens and family rooms.

There are countless ways to bring brown in your home beyond just hardwood floors. There are many options for wooden furnishings such as elegant dining room tables.

Beyond wooden tables, brown furniture is versatile and comes in an array of shades, undertones, purposes and functions. From suede to leather to upholstery, brown makes an ideal color for furniture so that you can focus on colorful or patterned throw blankets, pillows, accessories and wall colors.


Green color pallate



Every family should have green in their home because green represents family and life, which makes it the perfect color to incorporate into a living room or family room.

Green is associated with vibrancy, so walking into a room with green walls or with many green accents will give you a rush of energy. The human eye can see more shades of green than any other color, so it is an extremely versatile color and it pairs well in rooms with dramatic lighting.

Some fun ways to use green in your home are with plants (real or fake) because they can be changed seasonally, they improve a room’s air quality and they can calm an otherwise hectic room (photo of a room with lots of plants).

Another way to bring green into a room without the upkeep of plants or the commitment of a green paint are to include several floral and nature-inspired patterns. These will bring green into your living space without being overwhelming and can easily incorporate other colors from your room’s palate.


purple color pallate



Purple should be in every home because it represents creativity and vitality, making it the ideal color for any creative home. Purple has often been associated with royalty because the dye was difficult to create in olden days, and it still gives off sophisticated vibes today.

Purple is perfect for inspiring creativity and productivity in your child’s room, a craft room or a home office, and Pantone’s color of the year for 2018 is Ultra Violet, so purple is more readily available in home furnishings than ever before.

Another perk of being the “color of the year” is that shades of purple, such as eggplant, that were not always common, are now becoming more coveted for home furnishings and you can get a greater variety of jewel-toned accent pieces and furnishings.


red color pallate



Red should be incorporated into your home because it raises your heart rate and will make you physically excited to be in that room. It has also been proven that red is the most flattering color, so you will always look good in a red room or a room with many red accents.

It is associated with hospitality, friendship and warmth, perfect for creating an inviting space for entertaining your family and friends.

If you are unsure about a red room or accent wall, it is an easy way to add a pop of color by purchasing red furniture or accessories for a room - there’s a reason why red roses are the most popular flower!

Red is also associated with appetite increase, which can work in any chef’s favor for kitchen appliances and cookware as well.


yellow color pallate



Yellow should be in your home because the stereotype is true: yellow is associated with happiness. Putting yellow in your living space truly does boost moods and enhance feelings of warmth and joy.

Yellow can be intimidating to use in your home because it is not always flattering against one’s skin tones, so many people worry that yellow walls will have the same effect on their walls. A way to avoid looking sallow in a room while still incorporating yellow is by displaying predominantly yellow artwork - which doesn’t have to be florals. Skyline scenery, fall foliage and rolling wheat fields all offer a more masculine take on yellow while still showcasing a vibrant, cheerful color.

Yellow is also a fun, gender-neutral color for a baby’s nursery, whether you are expecting parents who are choosing to forgo the gender reveal route, having children share a bedroom (regardless of gender), or sellers who want to appeal to buyers in a neighborhood with great schools.