This month, PCI is introducing a fun and interactive new column called “Moody’s Coatings Conundrums”, written by Keith Moody of Keith M. Moody Training & Consulting. Keith has spent the last 40 years in the coatings industry – 30 of them with Eastman Chemical Co. – working with coatings, polymers, solvents, plasticizers, ink resins, waterborne coatings, emulsions, polyesters, adhesion promoters and coating additives. His experience includes technical service, sales development, technical management, research and development, and other areas.

“Moody’s Coatings Conundrums” reflects the style of NPR’s classic weekly auto mechanic radio talk show, “Car Talk”, with hosts Click and Clack. While the subject of “Car Talk” was automobiles and auto repair, “Moody’s Coatings Conundrums” targets coatings science, and the many problems that formulators face.

His satirical characters, Polly Mertz, Saul Vance, Lindsay Doyle and Al Kidd, work for the fictional paint manufacturer, Big Time Paint Co. These characters will introduce formulating problems and fiascos. In a following month after the scenario has been outlined, Keith will present his solution to the problem – but he knows that his answer may not be the only (or best) solution. He has always been fascinated with how different approaches can often solve the same challenge, and he hopes to continue learning from you, our readers.

Maybe you have encountered a similar situation to what Polly, Saul, Lindsay and Al experience, or perhaps you just have an idea of how you would solve the problem. Please e-mail Keith at and let him know your solution! You can also submit your ideas on our website at Your advice may be included in the follow-up article that gives the answer to the problem.

PCI and Keith are hoping that this column will become a favorite amongst our readers, and we are looking forward to hearing all of your input. Please take the time to share it!