Michelman introduced metal coating formulators to the new family of ProHere™ water-based resinous binders that are suitable for a range of processing conditions and metallic substrates, and are used to enhance corrosion and chemical resistance, mechanical strength and adhesion. The ProHere L-range of water-based lubricants and surface modifiers improve lubricity, slip and torque/tension control, while adding anti-mar and anti-scratch properties. They can also be used to improve surface optics including matting and brilliance.

Wood coating formulators were introduced to enhanced low- and no-VOC additive and binder resin solutions that improve scratch and mar resistance, water resistance, anti-block properties and gloss. New resins were featured that exhibit excellent aesthetic properties, strong mechanical properties and superb adhesion to most substrates.

For formulators of coatings and sealers for construction and floor applications, Michelman highlighted additive and polymer solutions that produce outstanding water and stain resistance, water beading, improved chemical and abrasion resistance, and adhesive strength.  Visit www.michelman.com.