SAO PAULO, Brazil – Cetec, a Brazilian supplier of industrial painting machines, estimates sales growth of 20% for 2015. The optimistic estimate is supported by a strategy that combines portfolio expansion and the development of custom automation systems.

So far, the business activities of Cetec were almost entirely divided between the company’s two most traditional lines: electrostatic painting equipment and the exclusive distribution in Brazil of airless painting machines manufactured by the U.S. company Titan.  

“This year, we will increase our activities with the launch of several items for liquid painting, such as tanks, guns and agitators,” said Eduardo Cernic, Director of Cetec. According to Cernic, Cetec has recently started working as a distributor of the French company Kremlin Rexson & Sames, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of pumps and guns (airless and HVLP). “We expect that liquid painting accounts for 10% of our revenues already in 2015,” he said.

In parallel, Cetec intends to expand its development area of automated painting systems in the wake of the growing change in the working parameters of most industries, which have been increasingly seeking to rely on smart factories – a concept that is also known as Industry 4.0. “These are solutions tailored to the companies’ needs to keep raising the level of automation of their processes as much as possible. Yamaha, Caio, Deka, Electrolux, Monark and Tramontina, among others, are already operating with the systems developed by Cetec.