SÃO PAULO, Brazil – Founded exactly 22 years ago, Brazilian provider of industrial painting machines Cetec started its activities exclusively focused on the maintenance of electrostatic painting machines. Shortly after, Eduardo Cernic, the company’s founder, decided to change Cetec’s profile and turn it into a manufacturer. It was so successful that the company is now a leader in industrial painting machines in Brazil, in addition to being the distributor of the main global producers of liquid and airless painting machines.

“Our experience in maintenance showed us that we had the conditions to manufacture our own models and, despite the risks inherent in the business, we would offer the market more quality and technology. Thus, we developed Tecplus, a machine for electrostatic powder coating that remains until today in our portfolio,” said Cernic.

In parallel, distribution was Cetec’s gateway to the airless painting segment. In 1998, Cetec entered into an agreement with the U.S. company Titan, a subsidiary of the German group Wagner, recognized worldwide as one of the leading suppliers of painting equipment. “Unlike other companies that import equipment, we invest in the assembly of a very large local inventory of spare parts. This strategy, coupled with our DNA in technical assistance, helped us consolidate Cetec in the industrial painting market,” said Cernic.

Some time later, the company started manufacturing liquid painting equipment, such as double diaphragm pumps, pressure tanks and guns, among others. “We set out our own line and incremented the options for this segment with the products of the European Group Exel Kremlin Rexson & Sames, which we started distributing in Brazil.”

More recently, Cetec started developing automated painting systems. “These solutions are customized to the companies’ needs to raise the level of automation of their processes as much as possible.” Yamaha, Caio, Deca, Electrolux, Monark and Tramontina, among others, have already worked with the solutions created by Cetec.

Holder of the quality certificate ISO 9001, Cetec has already supplied, from three plants located in São Paulo, 15,000 machines to over 4,000 customers throughout South America. In 2015, despite the economic crisis experienced in Brazil and currency fluctuations, the company expects to report 15 percent growth. “We have intensified the actions that make Cetec stand out in relation to the competition, such as prompt delivery, offering a wide range of painting accessories and the frequent trainings offered for free,” said Cernic.