COLLEGE PARK, GA - Scholle Chemical, College Park, GA, has announced the launch of a major rebranding effort and will now be known as Alchemix Corp.

Alchemix crafts custom chemical formulations for everything from topical health, beauty and personal care products, to nitrocellulose-based products, printing inks, coatings, pyrotechnics, sulfuric acid, and adhesives.

For nearly 70 years, the Scholle Chemical business has been a mainstay in nitrocellulose solutions, specialty chemical solutions, and bag-in-box acid sales for the North American marketplace, developing solutions for many applications, including adhesives, inks and coatings.

Commenting on the visual brand identity, Mike Duesenberg, Manager of Brand Design for Scholle Corp., the parent company of Alchemix, explained, "Alchemix and its brand is about taking something complex and transforming it into something simple, something more valuable. When you see our brand, you know what it means, regardless of the complexities of shape and line used to make the imagery possible. This is really what the team at Alchemix does on a daily basis for their customers."

Alchemix has launched a new website,, which explains more about the company's core competencies and how customers can expect to partner with the new brand.