With four of its five business divisions present at this year’s ECS (Stand 7-567), Huntsman is demonstrating the full breadth of its coating capabilities – including a number of new innovations. Huntsman manufactures a broad range of chemical products designed to drive performance in coatings and printing inks. Core technologies include:

  • Intermediate chemistries for the building block stage of coatings formulation to influence production and physical attributes such as reactivity, water and chemical resistance, flexibility, toughness, viscosity levels and color;
  • Additives that can influence coating characteristics such as gloss, tint acceptance, opacity, rheology and durability;
  • Biodegradeable specialty anionic and non-ionic surfactants that can maintain a high conversion and stability, and replace nonylphenol-based ethoxylates;
  • Specialty titanium dioxide-based solutions, color pigments and barium sulphate additives to optimize the manufacture, performance, vibrancy and longevity of high-quality, solvent- and water-based paints and coatings;
  • Off-the-shelf and customizable polyurethane raw materials, components and system solutions to boost the effectiveness of industrial coatings such as polyurea and enhance the production and performance of adhesives and elastomers;
  • Epoxy resins, ambient- and heat-curing crosslinkers, reactive diluents and specialty additives that can enhance the functionality of high-performance, solid, VOC-free, waterborne and multilayer coatings.