COROB is presenting dispensing and mixing technology at Stand 5-324. The main theme of the show is presenting the upcoming generation of products.

“COROB has celebrated its 30th anniversary just last year, we have been developing Color Engineering solutions for allthis time. We will continue to do so for the many coming years, for both existing customers and the many new ones we willbe reaching out to. With the clear intention to drive our business based on a ‘new mindset’ and ‘commercial attitude’, ontop of our know-how/experience, is what makes COROB the winning choice to work with” says the new CEO of COROB,Mr. Kaj Brandt.


The new EVOPWR™ unit represents the next generation of modular high-end dispensers, built on the EVO platform that combines the new 5G generation control management system and a wide array of new pumping technologies. The introduction of this new model also coincides with the launch of the first ‘in-house’-built dual flow piston pump, the DFP pump (capable of dispensing 0.5 L/m or 1 L/min of colorant).

EVOPWR is capable of hosting up to 32 circuits. The innovative INV (integrated nozzle valve) improves the low- and no-VOC colorant’s behavior in the machine, while avoiding the typical drying effects in the nozzle area.


EVOFLX-MXwill be the backbone to mature market needs and is ideal for professional paint stores and DIY retail environments. This unit is based on the flexible 5G control management system, and is able to fit customer needs by offering a wide selection of available pumps to choose from, in addition to the many speed and performance levels. The production of this unit is foreseen for next year.

In-Plant Mixing Station MS-LG

The Mixing Station MS-LG automates the flow in high-productivity paint stores or bigger trade centers where the need to mix several tinting base products is key to delivering a fast response to the whole process. The mixing station is composed of a set of two or three mixers that are fed by the automatic roll conveyor. The operator is relieved from any stressful movements as the cans move directly and automatically from the dispenser to the mixers, all the way down to an unloading area.