EVONIK is highlighting its silica and silane products for coatings and printing inks applications at Booth 504. AEROSIL® fumed silica is known for its ability to enhance rheological performance. Additionally, EVONIK has the ability to engineer specialty fumed silica and metal oxides to provide a multitude of other benefits in coatings, such as improved corrosion resistance, improved mechanical reinforcement, scratch resistance, free flow and anti-static properties in powder coatings, and improved film formation in waterborne coatings.

Additionally, EVONIK is highlighting its ACEMATT® silica matting agents, which offer solutions for gloss reduction in nearly every application. The topic of reducing gloss in low-VOC coatings with specialty ACEMATT matting agents is a particular focus. Information is also available on the use of Dynasylan® silane products for coatings, and their ability to improve adhesion and corrosion resistance.

 At 8:40 am on Wednesday morning, June 3rd, Robert Lin will present the topic, Use of Tailor Made Silica to Enhance Coatings, in Grand ballroom A.