SEVENSVILLE, MD - Miltec Corp., Stevensville, MD, hosted a facility tour and career presentation on Thursday, May 15, 2015 for a group of women members and potential members of Women in Manufacturing (WiM), a national organization dedicated to the attraction, retention and advancement of women who have chosen or are pursuing a career in the manufacturing industry.

The event kicked off with a presentation from Jane Seagraves, Business Development Director at APPI Energy, Salisbury MD, which is a provider of electricity and natural gas consulting services and WiM’s first affinity partner. Highlighted in the presentation was WiM’s mission of supporting, promoting and inspiring women to pursue careers in manufacturing, along with information on several events that facilitate networking with industry peers.

Miltec’s event not only supported WiM’s mission but allowed for networking among peers who attended to see Miltec’s manufacturing facility and operation and learn more about the UV curing process. The women who work for Miltec described their job responsibilities and relayed real-life stories of how Miltec provided them with a career path in manufacturing.

Marilyn Blandford, Miltec’s CEO, said, “I am proud of our women and feel honored to be surrounded by such strong women from whom I continue to learn every day.” Blandford talked about her own career path, which began as an educator, and encouraged the group of women attendees to recognize their strengths, continue their education and understand that women’s skills are critical to the manufacturing field.