FREMONT, CA - MentorHealth, a training source for healthcare professionals based in Fremont, CA, is offering a webinar on working with chemicals. The webinar, “Working with Chemicals: Hazards and Control,” will take place Wednesday, July 29, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. PDT. Michael Ellerby a safety professional at LRB Consulting Ltd., will be the speaker for the webinar.

The webinar will provide a solid introduction to the hazards posed by chemicals and substances in the workplace and the ways in which these hazards may be controlled and managed.

Areas covered in the session include: a definition of chemicals; examples of workplaces where chemicals are used and generated; the type of harm that chemicals can cause to people; creating an inventory of substances (used and generated) in the workplace; understanding the hazards and health risks associated with the substances in the workplace; safety data sheets; how substances cause harm (routes for exposure); how much exposure people have to substances (amount, frequency, duration); who is exposed; risk assessment concepts; prevention and control of exposure (and a hierarchy of control); monitoring of exposure and health surveillance; and provision of information, instruction and supervision. 

The seminar will benefit a number of professionals, including business owners and supervisors, safety officers, laboratory managers, and warehouse and facility managers.

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