Rival™ RV450™ Epoxy Primer provides customers with a wider variety of Axalta Coating Systems’ popular economy paint brand. It is designed for high performance, color capability and appearance.

Rival RV450 Epoxy Primer is formulated to provide maximum adhesion and corrosion resistance on properly treated substrates. This product is a two-component, high-solids, non-sanding, epoxy primer-sealer with a 3.5 lbs/gallon VOC level. It is recommended for use with Rival topcoat products.

“As we continue to assemble Axalta’s commercial transportation economy portfolio, the introduction of RV450 epoxy primer brings a workhorse product into the Rival offering,” said Jim Fawcett, Axalta Commercial Transportation Product Manager.

The Rival brand was introduced in 2013 with a single-stage polyurethane enamel as a cost-effective finish for dealers, independent shops, fleets and municipalities. Rival topcoat is available in solid and metallic colors to give shops the flexibility to choose just the right Axalta product needed for the job. In May 2015, Axalta released a urethane primer and polyurethane clearcoat to enhance the product offering for the economy commercial vehicle market.

For more information, visit www.axalta.us/transportation.