LONDON - The British Coatings Federation (BCF) presented its PaintCare program at the Inaugural Launch event for the G7 Alliance for Resource Efficiency in Berlin on October 2. The presentation was presented as an example of a best practice in resource efficiency management from a UK industry. 

Delegates comprised representatives of governments, business, trade unions, and research and science from the European Commission and all G7 countries. As part of the UK delegation, BCF’s Dr. Steve Snaith presented the PaintCare program, the national program for leftover decorative paint, which will help develop and create a circular economy model in the UK. He presented the aims of the program, which include the reduction of the amount of leftover decorative paint sent to landfill and incineration by 20 million liters per year.

BCF CEO Tom Bowtell commented, “The G7 Alliance for Resource Efficiency brings the economies of the seven strongest industrial nations even more in line with global environmental needs and is a great drive towards more innovation, investment and sustainability. I’m thrilled that PaintCare UK has been recognized at the highest level and look forward to further work in this area by the alliance.”