HOUSTON – VersaFlex Inc. announced the dates for its 2016 Polyurea University Training Schools. Dudley J. Primeaux, an expert in the polyurea industry, teaches the courses.

The half-day “Class 1:  VF Products Guide” is an updated course of all the current product offerings from VersaFlex. This class not only covers polyurea products, but also includes all accessory materials including topcoat, primers, surface treatment materials, cleaners, and various other products used in the industry. This course is designed for any user of polyurea systems, engineers and architects involved in specification, facility owners and coating specifiers, and inspectors of polyurea application areas.

The one-day “Class 2:  Fundamentals of Polyurea” provides a general overview of polyurea technology from the standpoint of history, chemistry, general safety, general processing characteristics and application use. This course is not a product-specific course and applies to various polyurea technologies. Course participants include those new to the polyurea industry, those with some years of experience, students, engineers and architects involved in specification, facility owners, coating specifiers, inspectors of polyurea application areas, equipment suppliers, and sales personnel. This course is also designed as a prerequisite to “Class 3:  Polyurea Spray Applicator.”

The 2 ½-day “Class 3:  Polyurea Spray Applicator” is the general applicator course. The class includes discussions on the general types of polyurea systems, safety measures required for use of the systems, and application equipment characteristics for polyurea. This course also provides information on substrate characterization, general surface preparation requirements, use of primers (when required), and options of topcoat requirements.  It includes general equipment and application troubleshooting, processing troubleshooting, and applied testing. The course is a combination of classroom work, hands-on testing and required spray application work. 

For additional information, visit http://polyureauniversity.com/polyurea-training-school-registration/.