Developed to deliver on the staining needs of the professional, the new Flood Pro Series line combines popular existing formulas with several new and improved formulas to provide highly durable products with easy application. Backed by the Flood brand’s 175-year heritage, the new Flood Pro Series line was created through extensive research and collaboration with PPG’s global wood care technology resources. The program includes a core line of stains, finishes, preparation products and a new resurfacer product. It will also include a broader color platform of 40 semi-transparent and more than 120 solid hues that enhance the natural beauty of wood, in addition to new product labels.

The Flood CWF-UV® wood finish formula, PENETROL®, FLOETROL® and E-B EMULSA BOND® additive products will remain under the Flood brand. PPG PITTSBURGH PAINTS® brand’s SUN PROOF® stain, the PPG PORTER PAINTS® brand’s ACRI-SHIELD® stain, WOOD PRIDE® stain and some existing Flood stains will be replaced by the new Flood Pro line.