LILLE, France - Mäder, a leading producer of paints and coatings, will launch its new range of biobased alkyd paints using Biosuccinium™ from Reverdia, in collaboration with Roquette. The new innovative paint range is based on a combination of Reverdia’s Biosuccinium and Roquette’s POLYSORB® isosorbide, allowing for key physical properties, such as hardness and scratch resistance. Both Biosuccinium and POLYSORB are commercially available biobased materials.

Commercialized under the brand CAMI, the CADÉLI range includes two EU Ecolabel-certified products.  Both are 98-percent biobased and have additional functionalities.

Marcel Lubben, Reverdia’s President, said, “These new paints respond to growing consumer demand for safe and environmentally friendly products with a lower carbon footprint. Once again, Biosuccinium has enabled a sustainable, market-ready solution.”