The SpectroEdge ES7500 is a continuous scanning spectrophotometer that captures full 31 point, spectral data at speeds of up to 3,000 measurements per second. This is the first spectrophotometer of its kind that is capable of delivering real time, continuous, spectral data at actual printing speeds of up to 305 m/min (1,000 ft/min).

Designed in response to customer demands for a higher speed, inline, measurement device, the new SpectroEdge minimizes make-ready times and ensures color consistency throughout a press run by providing real-time measurement data for closed-loop color control of the press, early detection of print problems and adherence to industry print standards or brand color tolerancing.

Based on the new and highly accurate Techkon spectral module, the ES7500 can accommodate industry standard M0, M1 and M2 measurement conditions and report full spectral, colorimetric, density and tone value information from color patches, bars and specific image regions. "Designed for harsh printing environments with wide thermal operating ranges, the measurement speed and compact size of the ES7500 makes it the perfect, non-contact, spectral measurement device for digital press manufacturers who wish to implement a closed-loop process for enhanced color consistency of their printing solution,” said George Adam, President of Techkon USA.