Micro Powders Inc. (MPI) is introducing PropylTex® HD, its high-density texture product line at Stand 7-144. MPI’s most popular fine and medium grades of PropylTex texturing and structure additives (density 0.89) are being introduced in a densified polypropylene version (1.07), for improved in-can stability in water-based paints and coatings. These products include PropylTex 325HD, PropylTex 270HD, PropylTex 230HD and PropylTex 200HD.

MPI will also highlight its burnish-resistant products ideal for formulating high-performance architectural wall trim paints. PropylMatte 31HD is a densified polypropylene wax. PropylMatte 31SA is a PTFE-modified polypropylene wax, and Polyfluo® 900 is a ceramic-fortified melt blend of polyethylene and PTFE. Not only will these grades improve toughness and durability, they will provide a level of cleanability that consumers have come to expect in premium wall paints.

Stop by Micro Powders’ booth for a product sample and to receive complete technical product information.