Parking garages have to withstand a lot of wear and tear, particularly the floors, which bear the weight of the many cars going in and out day after day. In addition, the floors often are exposed to chemicals and temperature fluctuations. They therefore need resurfacing from time to time. The Merry Hill multistory parking garage in the West Midlands was at this point after years of use. Serving one of the most successful shopping malls in Great Britain, the parking garage now looks like new since its refurbishment.

The shopping centre owner in Merry Hill wanted a durable, aesthetic and above all fast-curing floor coating so that the parking garage could be re-opened as soon as possible. The contractor, USL StructureCare, therefore chose a fast-curing surface coating based on Pasquick® technology from Covestro as a component of its DeckProtect + Rapidflex system.

Floor Coating – Simple and Fast

With Pasquick technology, floors can be sealed more easily and quickly, primarily because it reduces the number of coats required and significantly shortens curing time.

The floor coatings are long-lasting and robust, but also flexible. They are also easy to clean and highly resistant to chemicals and mechanical influences.

The Merry Hill multistory parking garage provides a total of 1,000 parking spaces for visitors to the shopping center. Two indoor parking garage levels, each with 9,000 square meters of floor space, have now been renovated. One of them with 350 spaces had been closed for several years due to continual and excessive water leakage through the roof.

Award-Winning Refurbishment

Because only little sunlight reaches inside the parking garages, it was important to USL StructureCare to have a bright and colorful design. A high-contrast surface coating in green, gray and blue provided the desired visual effect, giving visitors a sense of comfort and security. In recognition of the project, USL StructureCare won the 2016 British Parking Award in the category “Best Car Park Refurbishment.”

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