IRVINE, CA - SDC Technologies Inc. (SDC), Irvine, California, announced the completed acquisition and merger with LTI Coating Technologies LLC (LTI), a leader of UV-cure coating technologies. Together these companies offer abrasion-, scratch- and chemical-resistant coatings for thermal cure, as well as sustainable UV-cure coatings suitable for plastics, glass and metal substrates for a wide range of markets. The integration will merge operations and align the CrystalCoat™ branded coating products into a single corporate identity.

“We are proud to partner with LTI to broaden our portfolio of liquid hard coatings,” said Antonios Grigoriou, CEO and President of SDC. “We believe the integration and complementary synergy of the two companies is a natural fit, unifying leaders in both thermal and UV-cure coatings under one organization. The partnership provides customers a single-source solution for a breadth of abrasion-resistant coating options backed up by SDC’s global technical support team,” he added.